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TOEFL Preparation Tips Based on your English Level

Actualizado: 22 may 2019

The Test of English as a Foreign Language, better known as the TOEFL, basically evaluates how well you communicate in English in academic settings.

This exam can be overwhelming at first, but, you can plan ahead and prepare for it in different ways depending on your English proficiency. Below are a few preparation tips based on your English level.

Beginner and Lower Intermediate English

If your English proficiency level isn’t so high, you can use a TOEFL preparation book that organizes its units around common TOEFL topics, such as academic lectures, college life, and service encounters. A TOEFL book will also integrate a few skills for each of the four sections of the test, that is, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

This approach can be slow, but it can give you time to work on your English proficiency. Keep in mind that, ultimately, your English alone could result in a low TOEFL score.

Intermediate and Upper Intermediate English

If your English proficiency level is "fine", you just need to review the TOEFL official guide and practice each and every task. This approach will focus mainly on helping you develop your test-taking skills/strategies and academic skills. But, make sure to keep track of your English level by consulting an English teacher, TOEFL trainer or a language expert.

Advanced English

Finally, advanced English learners or people who took the test already basically just need to practice and receive feedback from an English teacher or TOEFL trainer. Feedback from experts, teachers and trainers is an essential part of successful TOEFL preparation. They can provide in-person essay reviews and guidance, as well as helping you analyze your speaking responses to see what you need to strengthen (pronunciation, for example). Test trainers and teachers will also guide you with systematic practice and homework.

If you are planning to take the TOEFL, there are several things to consider, but paying special attention to your English communication skills is the key to your success. So, be sure to plan ahead!

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